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Program Staff

Our board and staff members are committed to the mission and vision of our organization.

We’re proud to introduce our team! 

  • Susan Wickert, GAL Program Manager

    "As Program Manager, my desire is to ensure that each case that comes through our doors has a well-trained volunteer assigned, and that our volunteers are supported in their efforts. Every case has a child’s face to it, and these children need to have safe, nurturing, permanent homes. The work of our volunteers is complex. However, it is incredibly rewarding when a child is finally in their permanent home where they can thrive and be loved, whether with their parents or an adoptive family or guardianship. It is work with a purpose."

  • Nichole Davis, GAL Program Coordinator

    "I have worked for Juvenile Court for 18 years 17.5 of those years I was a detention officer and loved my time helping, playing games, and talking with the kids. Deciding to become a GAL Coordinator I am able to continue to help kids that are going through a very difficult time and also be a support to the GAL themselves. Being a GAL is very rewarding because while the child is going through dependency the child’s GAL is the one support person that stays with them all the way through, and that support person looks out for the child and his or her best interest."

  • Yolinda Hipp, GAL Program Assistant

    “As GAL Program Assistant, I am here to assist and support our Guardians ad Litem, Program Manager, and Program Coordinators with the day-to-day activities that are necessary for the court to operate successfully. We work as a team to make sure that everything that needs to be accomplished is done and any questions are answered. Our volunteers have a difficult and important job to do that impacts the lives of those involved, and we want to make sure that we are there to support them in any way we can.”

  • Kenneth Miller, GAL Program Coordinator

    “As a Program Coordinator, I actively recruit citizens of this county and other counties to become our volunteers. I also help with supporting the volunteers, giving them guidance, and assisting them with any questions they may have. We as a program are to advocate for the children of Lewis County and be their voice in the courtroom. My goal is that we do everything in our power to protect and keep children safe. As a Guardian Ad Litem myself, I do anything in my legal ability to make sure the child’s needs are met, for the child to thrive, and hopefully become an outstanding citizen in our community. “